Possible causes:

• Water inlet clogged.

• Water outlet clogged.

• Fouling or deposits on the filter.

• Sand media clogged with dirt.

• Incorrectly connected screen and inlet connection.

• Deposition or caking on the surface of the filter sand.

• Swimming pool suction device connected to the system.

• Air connection with inlet wire is connected to the wrong hole on the foil.


• Check the inlet and outlet hoses for blockages. Loosen if necessary.

• Check the hose clamps and tighten them if necessary.

• Clean the pre-filter basket more often.

• Washing filter.

• Place the inlet connection on the upper hose connection of the bath. Place the strainer on the lower hose connection.

• Remove approximately 1 "sand when needed.

• Remove any suction pool connected to the system.

• Ensure that the air connection with inlet wire is connected to the upper hole of the pool inlet.