Sometimes the situation can get completely out of hand, for example due to:

- the outbreak of a major storm

- very intensive use of the swimming pool without regard for maintenance

- vacation for a long time

You sometimes see that the swimming water is green or dirty, possibly even with a smooth greenish attack on the walls.

Solution: The 4-step shock treatment

STEP 1: Check the pH again with the Test Strips, Test Kit or Electronic pH meter. Adjust the pH if necessary.

STEP 2: Add a good dose of Fast-acting Chlorine (10g per 1000L) and immediately add Cristal Clear.

STEP 3: Use the Micro Floc to crucify the non-filterable fine dead particles. At least 10 to 12 hours of filtering. It is possible that a haze will form on the pool edges. Now stop the circulation pump. Wipe the haze off with a brush and let this dirt settle overnight. The next morning you suck up the sediment, let it drain through the bottom opening or use the "drain" or "washed" position on the sand filter.

STEP 4: The water recovers after 2 days. Now you continue to add Cristal Clear as a maintenance treatment.

Did you know that all the necessary products to implement this step-by-step plan are included in our Snel Helder set?