We do not recommend installing the Pure Spa outside in the winter. Whether it is mounted or not, filled with water or not, heated and used or not, for the following reasons:

The warranty does not apply in the following case: the PureSpa is outside in an ambient temperature of less than 5°C. (see manual). To avoid incorrect interpretations: it is not about the average day or night temperature, but about the minimum temperature.

Non-electrical components (the tub and the tubes) are largely made of PVC. This material becomes brittle in temperatures that are too cold, which increases the risk of leaks, cracks and implosions.

Electrical components: during the winter, the heating element (2300 Watt) must function continuously without having time to cool down, the electricity consumption increases considerably and the lime deposits much more quickly on the heating element. This causes the water to heat up less quickly and chemical reactions can occur between the chlorine and the lime. At a certain moment the device will switch itself off (jump to safety) due to a weak flow (error message E90). The 4 different temperature sensors also wear out much faster due to corrosion (error messages E95 / E96 / E97 / E98 / E99).

On social media, some consumers say that they do not experience any problems when using the PureSpa in the winter. But they forget that if there is a power outage at a time when it freezes, the internal parts will break as soon as it thaws again.

The fact that the PureSpa was not developed for winter use largely explains the price difference between a PureSpa and a traditional Jacuzzi (x5 and more). The latter is often not made of PVC but of wood, metal, polyester, ..., has a heating element that is a lot more powerful and is often highly insulated.

From experience we advise you to assemble, fill and use the PureSpa only if the ambient temperature is more than 4°C at night and more than 12°C during the day. This extends the life of your device considerably and ensures that the electricity consumption remains reasonable.